Free up time for analysis by automating data manipulations

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Business and data analysts often find themselves joining data files from multiple source systems before they can start their analyses. Some of these data manipulations are one-off actions, others need to be repeated several times over the course of a year.

As a result, many analysts will recognize that most of their working day is spent on the tiresome preparations for the analyses, rather than on the actual analyses and the presentation of the findings.  It is also work that is difficult to time-box ... how long will it take this time?

During the Cropland Seeds training you will learn how to leverage the programming language R to automate the data combination and transformation process, effectively freeing up time for analysis. We will also teach you how to analyze your own data using R and how you can share the conclusions with your colleagues, your "internal" customers.



during the cropland seeds training

  • You will learn to gather, combine, and transform your own data in a structured and automatic way

  • You will free up time in your working day to focus on what really matters: the analysis

  • You will make it easier for yourself to repeat analyses with new data

  • You will learn how to distribute analyses in the form of PDF reports, PowerPoint presentations, and HTML dashboards.


Target audience

Cropland Seeds targets analysts who deal with csv or txt files, Excel files, large or small databases, dashboards, etc. on a daily basis and who lose much time by (manually) updating and connecting source systems and files.

Ideally, you already have some experience with some form of programming. For example, you may have already written a macro in Excel or you may have experimented with a scripting language (e.g., python, R, ...). Don’t worry if you’re not expert in any of this, a basic understanding of how a programming language works is all you’ll need!


What makes this training so special?


Cropland Seeds is a hands-on training. This means that you bring your own data and research question with you to Cropland Seeds. During the exercises, we guide you through the process of developing an analysis to answer that research question. You walk away from the training with a nicely formatted report that you can show to your colleagues.

In addition, we provide a cloud data science platform, where you can perform the exercises. You may continue to use our data science platform for up to 3 months after the course, free of charge. This way, you can revisit exercises, or maybe even regenerate your report with new data!

Cropland Seeds is very different from online trainings, in three ways. Firstly, we will assist you while you perform the exercises, so can ask questions and you never get stuck. Secondly, as seasoned data science consultants, we can also share our best practices and lessons learned. Thirdly, you get to work with your own data (no Iris or Titanic datasets at Cropland Seeds!). As a result, you do not only walk away with new knowledge and insights, but also with a report that you can show to your colleagues.



The participation fee for our standard two-day program is € 1,249 per attendee.

The rates for customized in-house trainings are € 850 per 4 hours for groups up to 5 persons.

For our standard two-day program, Cropland grants a discount of 5% per extra participating colleague on the total amount, with a maximum discount of 20% (= 5 participants or more) during the same calendar year. No group discounts apply to our in-house training offering.

Note: All quoted prices exclude 21% Belgian VAT, travel and lodging costs for the instructor (when applicable), as well as any costs for venues and catering.



Jeroen Claes (° 1986) left Academia in October 2016, after a period of eight years as a lecturer-researcher at the University of Antwerp and K.U. Leuven. Since then he has been working as a full-time data scientist at Cropland, where he focuses on analysis, modeling/Artificial Intelligence, and reporting with R. But nothing could ever stop him from teaching. Jeroen is one of the few European instructors who are certified by RStudio,Inc to teach data analysis with the tidyverse family of R packages. In 2018 he taught a course in statistics with R at the Université Catholique de Louvain (Louvain-La-Neuve), after previous teaching assignments at the Spanish departments of Ghent University and CVO Kempen. As a teacher, Jeroen prefers hands-on, interactive sessions, in which the students expand their own knowledge by working with the subject matter themselves.


On-premise or at a venue of your choosing at any location in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, or Germany. For other locations, please contact us.

Booking and reservation

Trainings should be booked a minimum of two months in advance. If we are given shorter notice, we cannot guarantee the instructor’s availability at your preferred dates.

The number of participants to each course is limited to 10. The trainings are offered in English, except when the entire group speaks Dutch fluently, in which case the courses can be taught in Dutch.


Course contents 

The training consists of four modules . Our experience shows that two eight-hour days are enough to cover the material comfortably.

Module A

  • What is R? What is RStudio?

  • The cloud data science environment

  • Programming 101:

    • Objects, variables, functions, and data types in R

    • How to use R as a calculator

    • Installing and loading packages

    • Importing and exporting data

    • Data frames: the R alternative to spreadsheets

Module B

  • Data manipulation with tidyr, dplyr (and some stringi)

Module C

  • Plotting with ggplot2 and interactive HTML plots with plotly

Module D

  • Reporting: rmarkdown (docx, PDF, PowerPoint) and flexdashboard (HTML-dashboards)