Is Cropland Seeds an RStudio Product?

While Cropland Seeds has a licensing agreement with RStudio, Inc. that allows us to include RStudio Server Professional Edition and RStudio Connect in our Cropland Seeds offering, Cropland Seeds is in no way supported by or otherwise affiliated with RStudio, Inc. Cropland Seeds is developed, maintained, and supported by Cropland BVBA.

How is Cropland Seeds different from RStudio Cloud?

At present, RStudio Cloud is offered to the R community free of charge in limited form for development and educational use. RStudio Cloud is limited to maximally 1 GB of RAM and does not include RStudio Connect. Cropland Seeds is a commercial product with minimally 10 GB RAM, which includes RStudio Server Professional Edition and RStudio Connect, as well as the Cropland Connectors, which enable you to connect to a variety of external datasources.

Will other cropland seeds customers get access to my data and code?

When we sign you up for Cropland Seeds, our system creates a virtual computer on our servers. This ensures that all of your code and data are completely “locked in” within your virtual machine. You cannot “break out” of your virtual machine, and so can’t other users either.

How is cropland seeds different from amazon aws, Microsoft azure, or google cloud?

Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud are cloud computing providers. They will provide you with computing muscle and that’s it. You will need to install, secure, and maintain your datascience environment yourself. You will also need to purchase licenses for the RStudio products. Because Cropland Seeds automates the maintenance and installation steps, and because RStudio has granted us interesting discounts on their commercial products, we are able to provide our datascience platform at very affordable rates.

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How can I sign up for Cropland Seeds?