A toolkit for data analysis in the 21st century

We live in complex and exciting times: there is now more information available than ever before in human history and Artificial Intelligence enables us to put that information to good use.

By 2020, it is estimated that 1.7MB worth of data will be created every single second for every person on earth. That’s 143 GB per person per day!

This tidal wave of data coming at us creates new opportunities, but also implies new challenges. One of these is selecting the right toolkit and techniques to extract actionable insights. Our mission is assisting small to medium-sized businesses in implementing data driven decision by offering training and a pay-as-you-go datascience toolkit.


Data science toolkit

Your own powerful, private workhorse in the cloud with RStudio Server Professional Edition and RStudio Connect.

Completely pain-free and at a predictable cost. You go ahead and focus on analyzing your data and developing your AI models, let us take care of all the rest.


Data Science Training

During the Cropland Seeds training you will learn how to leverage the programming language R and our data science platform to tidy, combine, analyze, and report on data.